Introductionary Textbook

book] Overview of Sketchify (PDF PDF)

Introductionary Videos Tutorials (Sketchify 0.9)

List of all videos available (including previous versions).


You can open and edit the examples in Sketchify by using "Import from URL" function (in the File menu). You can simply and copy-and-paste the URL of an example.

Project URL
Author Note
Demolition Bart de Klein  
Time Bomb Bart de Klein  
Puzzle Game Bart de Klein  
Water Faucet Bart de Klein  
Emotion Stickers Luc de Smet  
iPod Alessandro Cau  

Online Help

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Lecture Notes (work in progress...)

Getting Started

  • Getting Started – Creating a New Project (PPT PPT) (PDF PDF)

Working with Sketchify

Advanced Topics


  • Several Simple Excersizes (PPT PPT) (PDF PDF)

Older Descriptions

You can also take a look at tutorials covering previous versions of Sketchify, which are a combination of description and step-by-step video guides.


Sketchify educational material is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence.

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